Заметки, отмеченные ‘table’

January 2018

Inline edit and aggregated data

Looking closer to the new features of the ember-models-table@2.3.0
November 2017

Rows grouping in the table

New feature in the 2.2.* release that we should look closer

Sync table state with query parameters

Current page number, page size, filters and sorting state can be stored in the query parameters.
October 2017

Additional requests in the models-table-server-paginated for data loading

What should you do, when some meta-data can't be get from the data-request

Nested models-table usage

How to use models-table as an expanded-row-component

Theming ember-models-table 2.x

Looking for possible ways to customize models-table
September 2017

Upgrade ember-models-table to version 2

partials-templates are replaced with components and now models-table can be used with a block content.

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